Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Listen all you all this is Sabotage!!!!

The signs were everywhere... After a long day of work and hitting the gym, Mama and Daddy went upstairs to change - but instead of coming downstairs in their pj pants and big sweatshirts, Mama was wearing jeans and shoes and earrings!!! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to solve this riddle... Mama and Daddy were going out for Monday night football!!!! The Giants weren't playing - it was so unexpected!!!! Anyway, Lily and I got together and "strategerized" and came up with a campaign for staying in... We decided we would stage a "Sit In" on Election Day Eve... Lucky for us - Mama laid out her vest and Daddy's fleece a few minutes before they were going to head out the door... Lily and I sprung to action and took our protest to a whole new level... They surely wouldn't disrupt sleeping puppies to satisfy their selfish love for football!!!!

Mama listened carefully to her constituents and came home at half-time

Darlin' don't you go and cut that hair...

We visited our good friend Linda at Dogma last week and got great new hair cuts!!! Mama and Daddy always say I look like a Baby Deer when I come home and for a while they call me Rudolph... That is until they fluff up my face fur and make me look like a baby lion!!!

Lily's fur is always still long... It must be a girl thing... I can always tell when Daddy gets a haircut, but Mama always looks the same to me!!!! Anyway - here are some pics!