Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthdays!!!!!!

That's not a typo... I apologize for being remiss in my postings, but it has been busy!!! Mama had a birthday, Lily had a birthday, the big guy in the sky had a birthday, and now today Aunt Chrissy has a birthday!!! WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is Aunt Chrissy?? Just one of mama's best-est friends!!! Mama loves Aunt Chrissy the way I cherish my pink pig lovie... then again, mama hasn't scratched out her eyes, torn a hole in Aunt Chrissy's side or ripped out her squeaker, so maybe she loves her just a little less...

But anyway... Lily and I got to see Aunt Chrissy last week and she brought Haley and Heather to play with us! It was a lot of fun!!!! But personally, my favorite part was when Mama opened her birthday present from Aunt Chrissy... Two TINY doggie sweaters... I know what you are thinking, why is Tuffy excited to see a doggie sweater? He hates them!!! Well, because I have eagle eyes when it comes to size and those sweaters were made for little Lily!!!!!

I also know what ELSE you are thinking... no gift receipt?? Funny thing... it got "lost"... Hee Hee Hee... So Happy Birthday Aunt Chrissy! We love you bunches and miss you spending every weekend with Mama!!!!!

The other big "birthday" we celebrated was Christmas!!!! We went home to see the Grandmas, Pee Paw, Grandpa, Aunt Michelle, Aunt Josie, Uncle Cody, Thomas, Sami, Chloe, Bub... It was a blur, but lots of fun! Here are "Christmas" pics of us with the tree at our house.... Mama was so sad to take it down this weekend...

Long post, I know - but I have a lot to fill you in on! Last thing - I promise!!!!

Daddy got Mama the BEST Christmas present ever... I couldn't be more delighted if I got it for her myself! I am actually sleeping better at night knowing I am undeniably the top dog on Curley Street! I mean - who else has been imortalized on canvas in an oil painting!!!! Only Tuffy!!!!