Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two cute things falling asleep

It may look like just ONE cute thing falling asleep - but stick around for the surprise ending!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Live, from Curley Street... It's Kermit the Frog!!

So Mama and Daddy were doing some organizing and early spring cleaning and came across a lovie that they got before Lily was... er... "delivered"... Seems Lily got so many presents at her 'Puppy Shower' that Mama and Daddy thought it made sense to put some of the loot away... Well - they apparently forgot about the little frog that Daddy picked out for Lily until pretty recently... I say "for Lily" but know that Daddy grabbed this little green fellow because he knows mama loves froggies... but I digress...

Lily and I both have a habit of picking a lovie and "loving it" until the stuffing is gone [and then some]... Well, Kermit has been heavy in the rotation of late for me... which means Lily has spent the better part of her 2-3 waking hours trying to snatch him! I have a pretty effective resistance... I like to call it the snug and cover...

The key is to never let Kermie out of sight...

But even my best defense is sometimes overmatched... Lily is not a quitter... and she is very crafty... Daddy calls Mama 'Sly Boots', I think Lily Luv must get this quality from Mama... She is so slick she sneaks into my bed and before I know it she is trying to steal my lovie!!!!