Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Clean-up!!!

Mama, Daddy, Lily and I are heading north on Christmas Eve [didn't we just see Tucker????] and Mama thought it was REALLY important that Lily and I be scrubbed behind the ears before we hit the road... To make it even worse, Mama also thought it would be [and I quote] "great" to get some pics for the blog... sigh... So here we are in our, dripping wet glory...

I had my "holiday scrub down" on Sunday... Lily was all washed up tonight...

The only thing "fun" about bath time is watching Lily go bananas until she is dry and smells like herself again... I just bark and bark and bark until she settles down...


Monday, December 15, 2008

When sofas attack!!!!

Mama, Lily and I were snugging on the sofa this weekend and doing our best to stay close and keep cozy... A lot of times, Lily will get under the covers or try to curl up in Mama's sweatshirt or fleece, but I have a whole new approach... I had no idea how comfy it is BEHIND the cushions!!!

After a while I started to feel a little bit restricted though... But I am not ruling out a repeat!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cousin Chloe - ROCK STAR!!!!!

While visiting Aunt Josie, Mama and Daddy were "treated" to a performance by our cousin Chloe on her sweet drum set. They were going crazy and just loved it - but when you are pups with high performance hearing, it isn't as exciting... it is down right scary!!!! Anyway - I trust Mama and Daddy's taste, so I am going to post one of her performances here...


Her brother Bub [A.K.A. cousin Charlie] is honing his electric guitar skills... We are hoping to have something to post after Christmas!

Speaking of guitars, when are they going to come out with guitar hero for fans with paws??? Thomas and Sami wouldn't stand a chance!! We have all day every day to practice!!!!! Will need to revise those Santa Paws Lists... Hmmmm...

Our trip to the North Country!!

So last week was Thanksgiving... Lily and I decided we would take time off from posting to enjoy the holiday festivities! But just because we weren't blogging, doesn't mean we weren't getting some great material! After driving 4 hours north to where the Grandma's, Grandpa and PeePaw live, we met up again with our "Uncle" Tucker... That is kinda weird for me - I am older than Tucker but he is bigger than me!!! Lily is younger and smaller, so she doesn't think there is anything funny about calling him "Uncle Tuck"... Anyway - Tucker gets to do some cool "big boy" stuff... Like drink beer with Grandpa!!!!


I think he liked it!!!

We just love being at Grandma's house... We get to eat Tucker's food - Lily actually eats it right out of his dish - she is crazy!!!! We go outside A LOT and Grandma let's me curl up in her lap and sleep while she does her puzzles every morning... Grandma also let's Lily give her LOTS of kisses... That makes her happy in her puppy heart!!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

PUP*nos"ti*ca`tor\, noun

(noun) A doggie who makes predictions of the future (usually on the basis of special knowledge)...
Mama and Daddy have been picking four games against the spread on Sundays for years... And most Sundays they are lucky to go 2-2... I have just sat back and watched... Neither bothered to ask me how I was at picking games... Well, after five years of being ignored, Mama finally got "crazy" and asked me who I thought would cover... and so it began - I am now Mama's go to prognosticator... The first week I helped her she went 3-1. She should have gone 4-0, but she changed one of MY picks at the last minute... sigh. The second week we went 4-0 [she is a quick learner - listen to the pup]... Unfortunately, last week, it was so cold on Sunday morning, Mama had me all wrapped up in a fleece on her lap while we were picking... I was so cozy and comfy I lost my focus - only a 2-2... Paws crossed my picks are on point this week... I love being better at something than Lily...
Speaking of Lily - it is officially "sweater weather"... I refuse to show when I am cold - I would rather be cold that sport a sweater!!!!!!! But Lily is so little, she can't help but shiver when she gets a chill... Here are some shameless Lily sweather shots...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

When it rains, we snore...

We successfully snugged Daddy into staying in last night! It was raining and he was tired from playing football all day - so we capitalized on the opportunity and moved in for the "kill"...

One of my good pals always looks out for me when I am snoozing... You know - my eyes and ears for "sneak attacks" when I am vulnerable... Some people have a guardian angel... I have a guardian "devil baby"...

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Making of a Photo Shoot...

So Mama's sister Aunt Michelle came in this weekend and brought Cody [we call him Uncle Cody]... The Giants had a big game against the Eagles [which they won!!!] and Uncle Cody had a birthday - so there was a lot of celebrating!!!! Anyway - you see these great pictures of Lily and I all the time...

but you have NO idea how hard it is to get Lily to sit still long enough for a picture... Here is a little window into "Life with Lily" A.K.A. "Sharing the Scene with a Scene Stealer"... Sigh...


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Listen all you all this is Sabotage!!!!

The signs were everywhere... After a long day of work and hitting the gym, Mama and Daddy went upstairs to change - but instead of coming downstairs in their pj pants and big sweatshirts, Mama was wearing jeans and shoes and earrings!!! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to solve this riddle... Mama and Daddy were going out for Monday night football!!!! The Giants weren't playing - it was so unexpected!!!! Anyway, Lily and I got together and "strategerized" and came up with a campaign for staying in... We decided we would stage a "Sit In" on Election Day Eve... Lucky for us - Mama laid out her vest and Daddy's fleece a few minutes before they were going to head out the door... Lily and I sprung to action and took our protest to a whole new level... They surely wouldn't disrupt sleeping puppies to satisfy their selfish love for football!!!!

Mama listened carefully to her constituents and came home at half-time

Darlin' don't you go and cut that hair...

We visited our good friend Linda at Dogma last week and got great new hair cuts!!! Mama and Daddy always say I look like a Baby Deer when I come home and for a while they call me Rudolph... That is until they fluff up my face fur and make me look like a baby lion!!!

Lily's fur is always still long... It must be a girl thing... I can always tell when Daddy gets a haircut, but Mama always looks the same to me!!!! Anyway - here are some pics!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Up Close and Personal with Lily Luv...

This video captures Lily's "Luving" personality!!! She is the most affectionate puppy I have ever seen... She kisses everyone and everything that stands still long enough! No matter how bad I might feel - this little ball of fur and love makes everything better!!!! Note: Lily loves the area rug in the library... as soon as we open the door she races in there and throws herself on the floor and rolls around endlessly - that action coupled with her upcoming grooming explains the "crazy hair"!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mama's homework has gone to the dogs...

Two Saturdays in a row we have been delighted to have Mama home with us all day, but we are beginning to suspect this isn't just because she loves us sooooooooo much... Two sunny, beautiful Saturdays and mama is reading books, taking notes and doing A LOT of typing... Something about homework and grad school... Anyway - being the great puppies that we are, Lily and I decided to pitch in and help to free her up to play with us some more!!!!

Even though mama said this wasn't a group project - Lily and I got together to compare notes...

Graduate school is tough work... I don't know how these humans do it... I like my "job" much better...

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Name Game...

Blogs surely aren't meant to be so formal! Time to let our hair down and share some of our favorite nicknames for the pups... Tuff has seniority - so we will start there first!!!



Tuffy Boy

Beleagured Boy



Woof Woof


And then there is Lily Luv... While that is her AKC registered name, I must admit that we probably call her by the first name on this list far more often! Many more nicknames to come in time! Tuff has almost 3 years on this little lady!!!!

Baby Girl [A.K.A. Baby G]

Silly Lily


Kissy Fur


Marion the Barbarian [this is Daddy's favorite... Lily's fur flies like our own personal, puppy running back like Marion Barber]

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Night on Curley Street

It is officially Fall... Mama and Daddy don't have to turn on the air conditioner or the heat... If we feel a little chilled - we just snuggle! So rather than go out like Mama usually does with Daddy on Saturday night - she decided to spend her Saturday night "puppy-style" and snooze on the sofa with Tuffy and I... If only we were this effective Monday through Friday... As soon as the alarm goes off we give 110% to snuggle them right back to sleep!!!

Don't be fooled... She looks like she is sleeping - but just moments later she took this self-portrait of us... Can you tell where I end and Tuffy begins???

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Shout Out to PeePaw!!!

Today is a special day!! PeePaw [a.k.a. Mama's Daddy] has a birthday today! PeePaw is a puppy man... He has a beagle named Ruby who is pretty funny - but I know we hold a special place in PeePaw's heart... I don't understand what it means - but Mama says that PeePaw giggles when he sees us and that makes Mama smile... And since we love to see our mama happy - we don't care what it means to giggle as long as PeePaw does it!!!

We wish we were there to make you giggle tonight PeePaw!! Wuv you... Woof Woof!!!! Hope you got that sunbeam we sent you!!! We couldn't resist and got one for ourselves!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Barks & Blogs (to steal a great line from Oyster)...

I thought it would make sense to get some shots of us in "action" creating our blog! Maybe it is a sign of my maturity - maybe it is a boy thing - but I approach this blog more seriously than Lily.... I do some brainstorming, then do a storyboard, set up a photo shoot...

BAM - new blog entry!!!

Lily on the other hand is a little more avant garde... a tempermental and unpredictable "artist"... Sometimes she wants to be consulted on every pic and post... Sometimes she is completely disinterested and can't be bothered...
Think I am being dramatic?? You be the judge!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Martha loves "Tuff Luv"???

Martha Stewart is having a contest to find the best blogs... We have got to be a contender - right???

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Completely gratuitous...

Just some doggie "glamour shots" for your viewing pleasure...

Interior Decorating...

Mom and Dad got a new sofa a few weeks ago... Lily rolls with change like a pro - but I am more suspect and need some time to review the situation before I adjust... Anyway - I really liked the old sofa... particularly the pillow placement... this has nothing to do with style and everything to do with distance... THIS is how we used to snooze on the old sofa... [Be sure to note Lily's "pillow face"...]

Unfortunately, the new sofa and pillow arrangement offers absolutely no buffer zone! I can't believe that mom and dad didn't consult me before making this purchase!!! I just don't understand humans...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Are you ready for some football!!!

Not the season opener - but it is the first football Sunday!!! I think it is has been made pretty clear - Tuff is NOT a fan of clothes - Lily could take them or leave them - but on game day - you do what you have to do to show your Big Blue spirit!!!

And the spirit doesn't end there... there is a lot of Giants "luv" on Curley Street!!!

Big Blue Sky in support of the Big Blue Wrecking Crew!!!! E-L-I ELI!!!!!!!!! Go Giants!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I am ready for my close up Mama!!

Hurrican Hanna made today a rainy, quiet Saturday... So I decided to take some pics of the pups while M worked on the computer... [UPDATE: we are back in business!! Technical problems solved - so I can post with abandon again!!!] But back to the pics... I actually got some GREAT shots!!! Here is my sweet Tuff enjoying the first sunbeam after the rain ended...

Not to be out done - here is Lily Luv in her furry, fabulous glory!!! I have to use the shutter setting usually reserved for action shots... The icon on the camera is literally a stick figure of a sprinter!!!! Lily moves so quick I have countless pics of the side of her head if I don't use this setting... I have to sacrifice some light in the pics - but it is worth it!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Technical Difficulties

We are having some issues with our laptop - which has prevented me from posting... I have some great new pics of the pups that I am really looking forward to getting up on the blog!

Ace and Sleve [A.K.A. Mom and Dad] are coming in for the weekend and may bring Tucker!!!
This isn't the best pic of Sir Tuck- but my resources are limited right now!!! Tuck is a silly, sweet "puppy" and makes the best monkey sounds when he wants some attention... He will be 3 years old on New Years Eve... The best thing about a Tucker visit is that Lily turns into a shy little girl... Our always confident, always one-step-ahead-of-her-big-brother-little-girl lets Tuck rule the roost... Unlike running over or through Tuffy, Tucker gets a VERY wide bearth!!! I will try to get some video!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

A little history...

TuffyBoy was born on April Fool's Day in 2003... He was 3 months old and just 1 1/2 lbs when we brought him home... [Shorter than a Moosehead bottle!!!!]

He isn't fearless like his sister - but you wouldn't know that if you saw the way he barks at men, women, children, dogs, cats, daddy practicing his golf swing, you get the idea...

Lily Luv was born on Christmas Eve in 2006. Her doggie mama, Arwen, and doggie daddy, Sparky, are sweet, and loveable - but NO ONE can compare to Lily's very first mama and daddy, Lynda and Denny [the breeders]! They are the kindest most wonderful people! We brought Lily home in February 2007 when she was about 12 weeks old and only 1 lb 1 oz! Such a peanut!!! Her personality has always been much bigger than the pup - even from day one!!!

Running errands...

So much to do today - hardly feels like a day off... I have a laundry list of toys that I have been neglecting and about a dozen squeakers to extract... There are a pair of chewies that need some attention too... It is so tough to chew one when you are hoarding Lily's at the same time... I need to work on my technique. So happy it is a long weekend.

Spent some time looking at some old pics and videos for this new blog...I am convinced mom is hoping we become some kind of internet sensation so she can quit her job - a dog's work is never done. Anyway - here is a classic example of the shenanigans that I have to put up with now that I have a little sister...


Thursday, August 28, 2008

B. L. [Before Lily]

Those were the days... Just me, my mama, my daddy and all the toys a boy could dream of... Every kib and treat was just for me and I was the first thing mom thought about in the morning, and the last at night... Sigh... Then came Lily... At first things weren't so bad... she couldn't get up on the sofa - so I still had a lot of alone time with Mama...

I should have known when she was housebroken in a week she would be the annoying, over-achiever type... The way she struts around in sweaters with ribbons in her hair... [Clothes are my cryptonite... If I am sporting a sweatshirt, then chances are something just went down and mom is teaching me a lesson... ] Anyway - I have a pretty good story about a run in with a German Shepherd that really gets people going - so I bring that up whenever she starts stealing the show...

Lily Luv has a secret boyfriend!!!

I was surfing the net while mom and dad were at work and found the boy of my dreams... He mountain bikes, he runs trails, he even has his own boat! Can you get any cooler?? His name is Oyster, and even though we haven't met yet - I call him my boyfriend. I think he is dreamy...

I was going to start my own Oyster fan club - but he seems so sophisticated and mature - starting my own blog seemed like the way to catch his eye... I know he is a working man so maybe he doesn't have time for a relationship??? My paws are crossed that he isn't off the market and likes his girls petite like me!!! Check out his blog and tell me what you think?