Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our trip to the North Country!!

So last week was Thanksgiving... Lily and I decided we would take time off from posting to enjoy the holiday festivities! But just because we weren't blogging, doesn't mean we weren't getting some great material! After driving 4 hours north to where the Grandma's, Grandpa and PeePaw live, we met up again with our "Uncle" Tucker... That is kinda weird for me - I am older than Tucker but he is bigger than me!!! Lily is younger and smaller, so she doesn't think there is anything funny about calling him "Uncle Tuck"... Anyway - Tucker gets to do some cool "big boy" stuff... Like drink beer with Grandpa!!!!

I think he liked it!!!

We just love being at Grandma's house... We get to eat Tucker's food - Lily actually eats it right out of his dish - she is crazy!!!! We go outside A LOT and Grandma let's me curl up in her lap and sleep while she does her puzzles every morning... Grandma also let's Lily give her LOTS of kisses... That makes her happy in her puppy heart!!

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