Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Night on Curley Street

It is officially Fall... Mama and Daddy don't have to turn on the air conditioner or the heat... If we feel a little chilled - we just snuggle! So rather than go out like Mama usually does with Daddy on Saturday night - she decided to spend her Saturday night "puppy-style" and snooze on the sofa with Tuffy and I... If only we were this effective Monday through Friday... As soon as the alarm goes off we give 110% to snuggle them right back to sleep!!!

Don't be fooled... She looks like she is sleeping - but just moments later she took this self-portrait of us... Can you tell where I end and Tuffy begins???

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Shout Out to PeePaw!!!

Today is a special day!! PeePaw [a.k.a. Mama's Daddy] has a birthday today! PeePaw is a puppy man... He has a beagle named Ruby who is pretty funny - but I know we hold a special place in PeePaw's heart... I don't understand what it means - but Mama says that PeePaw giggles when he sees us and that makes Mama smile... And since we love to see our mama happy - we don't care what it means to giggle as long as PeePaw does it!!!

We wish we were there to make you giggle tonight PeePaw!! Wuv you... Woof Woof!!!! Hope you got that sunbeam we sent you!!! We couldn't resist and got one for ourselves!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Barks & Blogs (to steal a great line from Oyster)...

I thought it would make sense to get some shots of us in "action" creating our blog! Maybe it is a sign of my maturity - maybe it is a boy thing - but I approach this blog more seriously than Lily.... I do some brainstorming, then do a storyboard, set up a photo shoot...

BAM - new blog entry!!!

Lily on the other hand is a little more avant garde... a tempermental and unpredictable "artist"... Sometimes she wants to be consulted on every pic and post... Sometimes she is completely disinterested and can't be bothered...
Think I am being dramatic?? You be the judge!!!!