Friday, October 3, 2008

A Shout Out to PeePaw!!!

Today is a special day!! PeePaw [a.k.a. Mama's Daddy] has a birthday today! PeePaw is a puppy man... He has a beagle named Ruby who is pretty funny - but I know we hold a special place in PeePaw's heart... I don't understand what it means - but Mama says that PeePaw giggles when he sees us and that makes Mama smile... And since we love to see our mama happy - we don't care what it means to giggle as long as PeePaw does it!!!

We wish we were there to make you giggle tonight PeePaw!! Wuv you... Woof Woof!!!! Hope you got that sunbeam we sent you!!! We couldn't resist and got one for ourselves!!!

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