Monday, June 8, 2009

The Takedown!!

When I was just under 2 pounds [roughly a quarter of my current fighting weight] Grandma bought me a froggy who was twice my size... Froggy and I have had many adventures in our nearly six year friendship... He lost an eye in the Summer of 2007... His ribbit isn't quite as robust, but he is still a worthy opponent when it comes to puppy games!!

Sometimes Froggy is the best shoulder to snooze on... Sometimes, he is my fierce competitor and sometimes, he is the perfect combination of the two! Like he was this weekend! We fought ferociously! I would pin him and then somehow he battled back and got the better of me... In the end though - I always get the takedown.

And there is nothing better than a post-takedown snuggle to remind him who ALWAYS wins!!!