Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolution...

Blog more... not less... It has been just a pair of months shy of a year since you last heard from me... Lily is still my little sister [sigh....] and I am still trying to convince my mom and dad that a party of three on Curley Street would make much more sense... But after 4 years, the little fur ball is growing on me [grown....] Anyway - my Special Grandma and Grandpa gave my mommy a video camera for Christmas! And PeePaw and Grandma gave her a great digital photo frame so [finally!!!!!!] my mommy is ready to get back in gear in 2011 and re-dedicate herself to our blog... So - here you go!

I feel like I am always explaining this to humans..kibble may "look" all innocent, but puppies know the read deal... you have to kill it BEFORE you consume it... and "killing" kibble is an art form I have mastered in my 7.5 years of existence... Don't believe that I am the best kibble slayer out there??? Judge for yourself!!!