Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cousin Chloe - ROCK STAR!!!!!

While visiting Aunt Josie, Mama and Daddy were "treated" to a performance by our cousin Chloe on her sweet drum set. They were going crazy and just loved it - but when you are pups with high performance hearing, it isn't as exciting... it is down right scary!!!! Anyway - I trust Mama and Daddy's taste, so I am going to post one of her performances here...


Her brother Bub [A.K.A. cousin Charlie] is honing his electric guitar skills... We are hoping to have something to post after Christmas!

Speaking of guitars, when are they going to come out with guitar hero for fans with paws??? Thomas and Sami wouldn't stand a chance!! We have all day every day to practice!!!!! Will need to revise those Santa Paws Lists... Hmmmm...

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