Thursday, September 4, 2008

Technical Difficulties

We are having some issues with our laptop - which has prevented me from posting... I have some great new pics of the pups that I am really looking forward to getting up on the blog!

Ace and Sleve [A.K.A. Mom and Dad] are coming in for the weekend and may bring Tucker!!!
This isn't the best pic of Sir Tuck- but my resources are limited right now!!! Tuck is a silly, sweet "puppy" and makes the best monkey sounds when he wants some attention... He will be 3 years old on New Years Eve... The best thing about a Tucker visit is that Lily turns into a shy little girl... Our always confident, always one-step-ahead-of-her-big-brother-little-girl lets Tuck rule the roost... Unlike running over or through Tuffy, Tucker gets a VERY wide bearth!!! I will try to get some video!!!

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