Monday, March 2, 2009

Girls... I just don't get them...

I love my mama - I mean I *REALLY* love my mama... She showers me with attention, she praises EVERYTHING I do and she makes me smile in my puppy heart... BUT she is a girl and that means she sometimes gets so worked up about stuff that daddy and I just don't understand... Lily is just like mama in that way... things that wouldn't even phase me are soooooo important to girls! For example, mama likes to keep Lily and I in puppy cuts... Even though she tells me I am her "big boy", I am still her little Tuffybear so I get a puppy cut... But Lily's puppy cut doesn't look the same as mine... and now mama keeps saying things like "growing out Lily's bangs" and "hairdo" and "baby girl barrettes"... All I know is - if being a boy means I don't have to wear ribbons in my hair - then thank heavens for little BOYS!!!!

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